Alia Bhatt Upset With CBFC For Delaying Soni Razdan’s Film No Fathers In Kashmir

Jan 17, 2019 Anupam Gupta
 Alia Bhatt Upset With CBFC For Delaying Soni Razdan’s Film No Fathers In Kashmir
More and more celebrities are gathering their support for Oscar Nominated director Ashvin Kumar's No Daddies In Kashmir. After a barrage of social media support from filmmakers, actors as well as other characters including Shashi Tharoor, Swara Bhasker, now actress Alia Bhatt has taken of social media sites to express her assistance along with a plea to the CBFC for her mommy's movie. She tweeted, "Was soo eagerly anticipating mom's @nofathers_movie #nofathersinkashmir!! @Soni_Razdan @ashvinkumar & team worked extremely tough for this straightforward teenagers romance in Kashmir. Actually hope the CBFC would #lifttheban. It's a film regarding empathy & concern. allow's offer enjoy a chance."
No Daddies In Kashmir has actually remained in a censor problem for the last nearly 6 months after its application in July and it's first watching which took place only in October. Both the CBFC as well as the pinnacle body FCAT have actually listened to the situation and also kept to provide the film an A certificate. The movie is a romance of 2 16 year olds established against the backdrop of Kashmir who are individually in look for their missing papas. The movie, according to the filmmakers and its fans, has no objectionable content and hence the inquiry and argument on its improper A qualification.
Ashvin has earlier also won two National Awards for his movies Inshallah Kashmir and Inshallah Football, both of which were earlier banned and also later granted. The filmmakers have actually continually requested the board to provide it a U/A qualification to permit the film to be watched by a bigger audience mentioning that film is a tale that is worthy of to be checked out by all.
The conflict is still recurring and the matter is yet to be solved, leaving the filmmakers with no instant sigh of relief to get a clearance for a deserving launch. The film stars Soni Razdan, Anshuman Jha as well as Kulbulshan Kharbanda and it's yet to get a launch date owing to its censor concerns.
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