BREAKING: Akshay Kumar Stalls HOUSEFULL 4 SHOOT; Sajid Khan STEPS DOWN As A Director

Oct 12, 2018 Anupam Gupta
 BREAKING: Akshay Kumar Stalls HOUSEFULL 4 SHOOT; Sajid Khan STEPS DOWN As A Director
Akshay Kumar simply took to Twitter to reveal that he would no more be working with proven sex offenders and as a reaction to the allegations on his Housefull 4 co-star Nana Patekar and succeeding allegations on supervisor Sajid Khan. His partner Twinkle Khanna that has just recently turned co-producer with Pad Guy required to Twitter early in the early morning to condemn the charged as well as assistance #MeToo movement. She created, "Appalled hearing several incidents of harassment as well as it is truly dreadful to hear what these females have been with. Everyone associated with Housefull needs to take a company stance on this problem. This can not take place."
Following this Akshay Kumar posted that he is just as disrupted with report circulating and hence has requested the manufacturers of Housefull 4 to delay the shoot up until more investigation. He stated that this requires strict activity and for this reason he will not deal with any tried and tested sex offenders. He signed off stating those who have actually experienced should be given justice.
Sajid Khan responded to this, took to Twitter and also has tipped down as the director of the motion picture. He has actually declined the complaints however has composed that he is tipping down owing to the pressure placed on him by the manufacturers, co-actors as well as his household. He additionally mentioned that he is taking the responsibility currently and is doing the needful. He has asked for media as well as his friends that till the time these complaints are not verified, they must not pass any type of kind of judgement on him.
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