EXCLUSIVE: Is Ajay Devgn Playing A Double Role In Chanakya?

Jul 31, 2018 MoviesNow4U Team
 EXCLUSIVE: Is Ajay Devgn Playing A Double Role In Chanakya?
After Anil D. Ambani led Dependence Entertainment and also Friday Filmworks' company, Plan C Studios announced their next film-- Chanakya-- on the life as well as mentors of Chanakya (additionally called Kautilya), the best political thinker, thinker, financial expert as well as royal advisor from old Indian history with Ajay Devgn in the title duty as well as routed by the author, producer, supervisor Neeraj Pandey, there has been no information of the exact same. Right here we give you some exclusive information on the movie, consisting of the fact that Devgn will certainly be seen in a dual duty in it. He had last played a dual function in Prabhu Dheva's Action Jackson (2014 ).
A Bollywood insider tells us, "Chanakya played a key duty in the facility of the empire of Chandragupta Maurya yet Neeraj Pandey's Chanakya is not a historical however a contemporary socio-political drama based upon the life and teachings of Chanakya (a character that will certainly be played by Devgn). The job is being maintained under wraps till the capturing begins with December this year. It will be a start-to-finish schedule as the group wants to launch the film by early next year."
The source splashes the beans that Ajay Devgn will certainly be seen in a double role in the film. "It will apparently have Ajay coming two times-- when as a wise, contemporary socio-economic manager and once again as the historical Chanakya. Whenever the contemporary Chanakya will get into some problem he will consider the Fourth century BCE Indian financial expert, strategist as well as political theorist Chanakya-- 'Agar woh Chanakya hota toh woh kya karta?' As well as the historical Chanakya (dressed of those times and again played by Devgn himself) will show up in his creative imagination as if providing him guidance and also bail him out. Chanakya is stated to have actually written the Arthashastra, an old Indian publication on statecraft, economic policy and military strategy, created in Sanskrit. Neeraj Pandey's Chanakya is an interesting mix of innovation and also history-- something which has actually not been seen a lot in Bollywood movies. The plot is clutching as well as the mix of old and modern national politics is fascinating!"
Neeraj that is known for his sandy, sensible, compelling, fast-paced political dramatization as well as the manuscript has actually been composed as necessary. Apparently, his Chanakya is not a biopic. Dr Chandra Prakash Dwivedi has actually guided (and served as Chanakya in 1991) earlier a 47-part legendary Indian television historic drama which was a fictionalized account of the life as well as times of the Fourth Century manager.
A few days previously in a press release Ajay Devgn had actually commented, "I am absolutely looking forward to playing Chanakya. I have actually complied with Neeraj Pandey's work carefully and I know Neeraj will certainly tell this tale with the clearness and enthusiasm with which it needs to be told."
Co-producer Shital Bhatia had included, "Epic characters such as Chanakya have an everlasting sense of mystery as well as legend around them. We believe that the movie, Chanakya, will be obtained enthusiastically by contemporary audiences, offering severe insights into the art of running a state, based upon the functional knowing and teachings of the best master himself-- Chanakya. The cooperation in between Neeraj Pandey and also Ajay Devgn is itself something that fans have been awaiting a very long time to see on the cinema."
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