Mohanlal Lashes Out At A Reporter After A Question On Kerala Nun Rape Case And Later, Apologizes On Social Media

Sep 18, 2018 Anupam Gupta
 Mohanlal Lashes Out At A Reporter After A Question On Kerala Nun Rape Case And Later, Apologizes On Social Media
Simply not as well long back, there were several records regarding the Kerala religious woman rape case that spread like wild fire. Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal was charged of allegedly sexually attacking the complainant in between 2014 to 2016 as well as the nun who has currently submitted an issue against him. The instance has grabbed the attention of numerous, from celebs to political leaders to protestors who have extended their support to the instance. Adhered to by the same, lately, when Mohanlal was examined on the case throughout his press fulfill for the flooding relief job of his foundation, he is expected to have actually pounded the journalist on the issue.
Mohanlal lately held an interview to talk about the flooding alleviation work of his NGO ViswaShanti Foundation that works towards several social reasons including helping the impoverished. Considering the existing problem in Kerala post the massive flooding destruction, the Mollywood super star has actually been working in the direction of jobs associated with flood relief. During the very same, among the reporters questioned about his point of view pertaining to the Kerala religious woman rape instance that has come under analysis lately.
To the very same, Mohanlal had replied mentioning that it is a shame to ask such questions and also he even more snapped disregarding it as unnecessary. He additionally madly added that this question has no location between something great that the structure is striving to do as well as the job they are doing is totally unconnected to the case.
However, the part where he slammed the journalist didn't go down well with numerous, followed by which, the actor dealt with a heavy backlash from the target markets as well as followers. Owing to the same, Mohanlal went to take the help of social media wherein he excused the activity, keeping that at that point of time, he wasn't in the right frame of mind to address the concern that he existed with.
He also claimed that his mind couldn't take the fact that the questions asked weren't relating to the job his NGO was doing however instead on the nun rape case. However, he took place to assert that his reply had not been to anger any private neither was it routed to any type of establishment or method. He further requested apology mentioning, "Please consider me as an elder sibling as well as my honest apologies if I have harmed the sensations."
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