Akshay Kumar Got Emotional Shooting 'Airlift'

Jan 15, 2016 Vinod Gupta
Akshay Kumar Got Emotional Shooting 'Airlift'
Bollywood star Akshay Kumar says he got emotional while shooting for his upcoming film "Airlift", which is about the real story of evacuation of Kuwait-based Indians during the Iraq-Kuwait war in 1990.
"This did happen to me. I got a little bit choked once. I think this will happen to anyone, who cares for the people and country because the film is about someone who cared for his country and sacrificed a lot. I think when the people will watch it they will also feel it," Akshay, told reporters last here night while promoting the film.
On the film, which releases January 22, he said war is just the backdrop.
"It's not a war film and it's not about destruction. It is just the story of how people were rescued from that war zone," Akshay said adding that the real-life hero had gone unnoticed.
"He had gone unnoticed. Not many people know about him.
Hope he will get recognition with this film," the actor said.
The biggest heroes according to him were the pilots of Air India who had the guts to fly in a warzone to rescue people.
"Hats off to the pilots who went there," the actor said.
On his choice of action films, he said he wants to keep testing his abilities and will soon come up with "Houseful 3", a slapstick comedy.
When quizzed about whether his films like "Baby" and "Holiday" have disturbed people from other nations he said, "I don't nation-bashing films. I hate it".
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