'Anaarkali Of Aarah' Makers File Complaint Over Leaked Scenes

Mar 01, 2017 MoviesNow4U Team
'Anaarkali Of Aarah' Makers File Complaint Over Leaked Scenes
An authorities issue was filed on Wednesday by Priya and Sandiip Kapur, the producers of Swara Bhaskar starrer "Anaarkali of Aarah", pertaining to some leaked scenes of the film. They believe an employee to be the wrongdoer.
The grievance was submitted at the Malviya Nagar police station below.
"We believe that a couple of essential scenes of the film have launched in electronic and social media systems. These have gotten on media for at least three days. This act is criminal in intent and aimed at screwing up the film and making sure that the manufacturer loses the financial investment of Rs 6 crore made on this movie," read a copy of the authorities complaint.
"Anaarkali of Aarah" focuses on a sensual vocalist (Swara) from Arrah in Bihar, that sings double entendre tracks. One day things take an unsightly turn when Anarkali has a battle with a very effective man who molested her as well as instead of bowing down she decides to fight back.
"I am unsure regarding the individual (that leaked the scenes), so I don't wish to name anyone, yet there is a very elderly participant of the team that might have done it-- it can be an actor or supervisor of the film," Sandiip told IANS.
"From three scenes which have been dripped, only one scene was the one that the censor board asked us to cut out ... So it has not headed out from the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) for sure," Sandiip claimed.
"I obtained telephone calls from a lot of people today (Wednesday) morning. We were stunned after hearing it. Something such as this is really bad for independent producers like us," he included.
The trailer of the movie, which is directed by Avinash Das, launched last week.
One of the clips, which has been doing the rounds of the internet, reveals Swara in a vibrant avatar. The censor board asked that the scene be reduced.
"The authorities is doing something about it currently. Even I have actually applied on YouTube to remove all those scenes. They will certainly quit it quickly. Several of the websites have actually removed the scenes already. Our group is working on that," Sandiip said.
"Piracy has really become a really severe concern for the industry," he rued.
The movie, additionally showcasing actors Pankaj Tripathi and also Sanjay Mishra, is slated to release on March 24.
"We think that a couple of critical scenes of the film have actually launched in digital and social media platforms. This act is criminal in intent as well as aimed at ensuring and messing up the film that the manufacturer loses the financial investment of Rs 6 crore made on this movie," reviewed a duplicate of the authorities grievance.
Even I have applied on YouTube to take down all those scenes. Some of the sites have removed the scenes already.
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