Bollywood Remains In Love With Romance

Feb 13, 2016 MoviesNow4U Team
Bollywood Remains In Love With Romance
Romance has been the most popular theme in Bollywood films but its on-screen handling has changed over the years - from subtle and sweet to bold - keeping with transformation in society.
Hindi film veterans recalled how the treatment of love in movies has changed over the years with directors handling the theme in diverse ways.
"Earlier, it was all done in a dignified way. One used to blush... talk eye to hugging and kissing has become a way of expressing love on-screen. There are some filmmakers who capture romance in its purest form while some make it appear bold," veteran actress Moushmi Chatterjee told PTI.
Another veteran, Prem Chopra, agrees with Chatterjee.
"Love used to be discreet earlier now it is all out in the open. It used to be subtle with changing times its all fast paced," he said.
Filmmaker Subhash Ghai, who has directed romantic films like "Hero", "Pardes" and "Taal", said the change in portrayal just reflects what is happening around.
"Films always have been a mirror of change taking place in society. It's (portrayal of love) is more open to physicality than olden days," Ghai said.
"For some people today love is lust, but for some it is about respect and being affectionate towards your love," Chatterjee maintained.
"I am still very much in love with my husband. We have grown old so love is more about caring and doing little sweet things for each other," she added.
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