Dilwale - Movie Review

Dec 18, 2015 Vinod Gupta
Dilwale - Movie Review
One thing is clear. If you expect depth or even a hint of novelty in the story, go watch some other movie. If you expect a lot of style and action crammed to the gills with masala, stay right here.
So you get the usual from a Rohit Shetty film; the 'funny' characters (Sanjay Mishra and Johnny Lever in this one) spouting unbelievably silly lines, which make you sheepishly snort with laughter once in a while, plenty of fights and the peppy songs with ever ready extras waiting to break into a dance as enthusiastically as fancy cars waiting to be blown up in air in style. 
You want more? Well, you do get more. Making all the silliness around it somehow credible is the presence of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol together with that magical chemistry in Dilwale
This is a film with a story that belongs to the '90s co-existing with cars that belong to the next century. Meera (Kajol) and Raj (SRK) are the children of two warring Mafia dons and they end up falling in love. Raj was a one-man army in a black leather jacket before he succumbs to Meera's charm and goes all soft and romantic. A twist of fate separates the two and also gets Raj to turn into a good man. 15 years later, Raj is a doting brother to Veer (Varun Dhawan) and also the owner of a garage full of, what else, Shetty's tools of fantasy - fancy cars. Veer's love for Ishita (Kriti Sanon) brings Meera and Raj face-to-face again, leading to another twist. 
Kajol, as expected, is excellent in emotional parts but her chirpiness when playing the younger self borders on being annoying. Shah Rukh Khan is fabulous as the earnest lover boy and as the older and mellower man 15 years later. His eyes belie many emotions as he plays the angst-ridden lover waiting to clear the misunderstanding with the woman he loves, to perfection and to the gallery. 
Varun Dhawan is endearing and sincere as ever. Kriti gives good support. But then the younger couple, or for that matter everything else, fades into the background when SRK and Kajol look into each other's eyes. 
Even if you are not a Rohit Shetty fan, watch this for the chemistry between SRK and Kajol which refuses to simmer down even after all these years.
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