Does Salman Khan Want Navjot Singh Sidhu To Make A Comeback On The Kapil Sharma Show? Find Out

Mar 04, 2019 Anupam Gupta
Does Salman Khan Want Navjot Singh Sidhu To Make A Comeback On The Kapil Sharma Show? Find Out
After being ousted for his controversial talk about the Pulwama fear assault, appears like politician as well as celebrity court Navjot Singh Sidhu will certainly soon be picking up on The Kapil Sharma Program. As well as it turns out that the contract in between the makers of the show and Sidhu was never ever ended. According to report in Dainik Bhaskar, the channel as well as Salman Khan, manufacturer of the show, are waiting for the issue to calm down to ensure that Sidhu can be revived for the comedy show.
Currently, Sidhu has been changed by Archana Puran Singh after netizens condemned Sidhu's statement. In the wake of the assault, Sidhu had claimed, "For a handful of people, can you condemn the whole nation as well as can you blame a person?
The DB report additionally stated and also quoted a source, "When this whole conflict happened; the network was still not exactly sure on what decision to make. It was the manufacturer of the show, Salman Khan's prompt decision to ask Sidhu to tip down from the program. Certainly, as a manufacturer, Salman did not wish to gamble. The show is succeeding as well as Salman does not want to lose it simply for the benefit of one person."
As per reports, Archana has actually just been authorized for 20 episodes. So, we're thinking that it won't be too late before we see Sidhu back in his initial place on Kapil Sharma's comedy program.
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