Fanney Khan Debacle: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Flop Saga Continues; Filmmaker Blames Her Acting Chops

Aug 09, 2018 MoviesNow4U Team
Fanney Khan Debacle: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Flop Saga Continues; Filmmaker Blames Her Acting Chops
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may be getting multiple deals from the filmmakers; yet the starlet is stopping working back in confirming her worth in the industry. Aishwarya Rai went on a maternity break when she brought to life Aaradhya in 2011, as well as after 4 years, she recovered with Jazbaa. Though the film amassed a lot of eyeballs, it cannot gather steps at the theatres. Article her maternal break, Sarabjit was her second outing and also the movie failed to produce any type of magic at the box workplace as well. And now, her newest outing, Fanney Khan, which is presently performing at the theaters, has been stated a 'flop' too! It's been one week considering that the film has hit the theaters and also it has actually earned just Rs 9 Crore. Wondering exactly what could be the factor behind Aishwarya's back-to-back flops? Let's decipher.
Aishwarya's Look Is Surely Not The Reason 
A leading trade analyst was quoted in Eastern Age as stating, "Somehow Aishwarya's comeback movies are not working. Maybe her choice of roles. It certainly can not be the way she looks, as she is looking far better than in any of her films."
Aishwarya Put In A Lot Of Effort For Fanney Khan 
The profession analyst additionally included, "Even the concept of the tattoo on her wrist was her's. She hand-held debutant supervisor Atul Manjrekar because she knew they were stepping on unsteady ground. But the final outcome was far from appealing."
A Filmmaker Blames Aishwarya's Acting Chops
A filmmaker was priced estimate as stating, "She (Aishwarya Rai) intends to go from Jennifer Lopez to Meryl Streep, yet she does not have the array. In Jazbaa, she played a traumatised mommy however looked shallow and as well taken up with looking extravagant."
'Aishwarya Lacks Emotional Depth'
" In Fanney Khan, she is great vocal singing, dance and also playing the pop queen. But when she needs to communicate her character's solitude, she is at a loss. Aishwarya lacks the psychological deepness to carry out 40-plus personalities," states the filmmaker.
Aishwarya's Box Office Report 
Fanney Khan: Rs 9 Crore in the very first week Sarabjit: Rs 33 Crore total collection Jazbaa: Rs 31 Crore overall collection
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