Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri On Tandav Controversy: OTT Platforms Trying To Paint Majority As Evil People

Jan 18, 2021 Vinod Gupta
Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri On Tandav Controversy: OTT Platforms Trying To Paint Majority As Evil People
I'm in favor of absolute free speech. I desire everyone to make whatever they want, as long as it's an imaginative work, as long as it's their very own analysis regarding something. Yet when free speech is being utilized, or when an innovative system is being used for the political programs, after that they will have political consequences. There are no 2 ways concerning it.
Currently, what has actually taken place of late, is that the executives being in these American OTT platform workplaces, some of them are card-holding communists as well as lobbyists, are utilizing their political ideology to circulate the communist belief. This is basically to humiliate the majority and also to paint the bulk as evil people and make use of religious beliefs as a device. And that is quite noticeable currently. This is why I have actually refuted it.
I get on the board of directors of CBFC, yet still, I believe there need to not be any kind of censorship to any kind of speech. But indeed, there needs to be a guideline. If there is no policy, after that it comes under monopoly, or antitrust regulations, as well as plenty of problems, will certainly arise in the future. So there should be a governing body for OTTs, which mostly makes sure that the minds of youngsters are not contaminated with physical violence and also hate and bigotry, which ensures that our national integrity continues to be undamaged, which guarantees that there is no justification for physical violence and also hate in the culture, which now the OTTs are doing.
We are extremely various and also we believe in multiple gods and also several faiths and beliefs. This variety, pluralism and also inclusivity have actually slowly provided a permit to great deals of anti-majority and also anti-India pressures to strike Hinduism. It has come to be easy. OTT systems have also ended up being a device. That's why I assume people are standing up against it. However, I want to make it really, extremely clear that I'm not versus Tandav. I am against individuals who commission and after that promote things like Tandav, which harms the view of the bulk.
I'm not against Tandav. I don't care whether it's outlawed or otherwise, I don't desire anything getting prohibited or boycotted. Yet indeed, individuals need to realize as well as the need to be revealed that there are people resting over there, and also they are participating in a narrative war against the majority.
So undoubtedly, it is a soft target as well as Hindus never ever cared about these points. We have actually always made fun of our own gods as well as sirens, we have teased our very own custom-made and practices. There is no regulation of blasphemy in Hinduism, there are no fatwas. You do not have to baptize anyone to become a Hindu.
There is no textbook for Hinduism, there is nobody God to Hinduism, there is nobody ideal system in Hinduism. Anyone who wishes to call himself Hindu can call himself a Hindu, you do not need to transform your faith, you do not have to do anything.
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