Hate Story 3 Movie Review An Unexciting Mess

Dec 04, 2015 Vinod Gupta
Hate Story 3 Movie Review An Unexciting Mess
Even by the rather low standards of Bollywood exploitation flicks, Hate Story 3 falls way short of the mark.
Neither convincingly erotic nor consistently thrilling, the film stretches itself too thin in trying to cobble together a drama that can sustain itself over a runtime of two hours and bit.
Apart from a grotesque storyline featuring two twisted men out to eliminate each other for no apparent reason, the film is marred by abysmal acting and scenes that border on the absurd.
It is not until a couple of hours into the film that it becomes clear what the two guys are really up to. What follows is a stodgy climax marked by bloodshed.
The film gets to this point only after hauling the audience through an allusion to an air crash, the closure of a cold drinks factory, a telecommunications bill in Parliament, and a bribery scandal involving a minister.
Although the principal intention of the film is to employ its two heroines Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah as mere decorative props aimed at titillating its target audience, the screenplay gives them the short shrift.
The two ladies merely stand around and get treated like sex objects. In contrast, the two lead actors Sharman Joshi and Karan Singh Grover are given the plum scenes.
The erotic scenes in Hate Story 3 are good for a few wolf whistles, but beyond that they serve no real purpose in terms of furthering the story.
Hate Story 3 goes back and forth through a maze of details as two men a successful entrepreneur (Sharman) who has inherited his family business after the death of his elder brother and another wealthy but mysterious tycoon (Karan) who is bent upon spending a night with the former's wife (Zarine) play dangerous games with each other.
Thrown into the mix is an ambitious young corporate executive (Daisy) who works for one of the two men but gets drawn into double-crossing both in her struggle for survival.
While all this may sound intriguing on paper, the way the saga pans out on the screen is riddled with holes.
Director Vishal Pandya (who also directed the second installment of the franchise) resorts to the usual tropes to whip up some steam but in the absence of a storyline that is sturdy enough, the film feels hopelessly limp.
No amount of skin show can conceal the lack substance that plagues Hate Story 3.
Matters are aggravated by the quality of the acting. Even Sharman, usually a competent screen performer, is unable to rise above the bizarre contrivances that lie at the heart of the film.
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