Hrithik Roshan Says I Did 90 Per Cent Dubbing For 'Kaabil'

Feb 03, 2017 MoviesNow4U Team
Hrithik Roshan Says I Did 90 Per Cent Dubbing For 'Kaabil'
With "Kaabil" gaining acclaims at box office, actor Hrithik Roshan today said more than 90 per cent of the dubbing for the aesthetically challenged character Rohan Bhatnagar had been done by him after a great deal of research.
"I had cancelled shoots 4-5 times to give rest to vocal chords which are similar to muscles. And also if you could regulate muscles, you could make any individual appearing similar to your voice," Hrithik claimed at an advertising press fulfill below.
"So I relaxed my vocal chords and kept rehearsing. In "Kaabil" 90 percent of my character's voice is my voice," he added.
The 43-year-old actor said after doing the movie he wants to do something for the visually tested individuals.
"I prepare to do as much I can to campaign for the blind, who are the strongest-willed people. Playing blind makes you mindful regarding the potential of human spirit."
Hrithik stated he feels attached to Kolkata as it was the first place he made a public appearance in.
"My initial public appearance remained in Kolkata in 2000. My dida's (mother's grandmother) wish was that my first stage performance be right here. There is Bengali blood in me.
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