Kapoor And Sons Movie Review

Mar 18, 2016 MoviesNow4U Team
Kapoor And Sons Movie Review
Amidst the gamut of intense and exceptional movies with intentions of creating a niche, hitting the silver screens lately, here's a breath of fresh spring air to entertain the viewers.
Helmed by Shakun Batra, 'Kapoor and Sons' presented fans with resounding and promising performances by a youthful star cast--Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan.
The talented contemporary stars, who race many hearts by their smiles and flick of hair, surprised their fans with bonafide acts in this latest Dharma Production.
The movie looks like a beautiful tiara, an amalgamation of fine comic punches that further grow with twists and curls into electrifying chemistry, ultimately rising to the reality block-- distorted yet perfect family.
Bringing to surface the underneath of all 'perfect' family portraits, Shakun's direction is flawless.
Kudos to the veteran and amazing actress Ratna Pathak Shah, who held together, being backbone of the script. Rajat Kapoor is amazing as the supporting cast and the 'aww-dorable' star of the story-- Rishi Kapoor is simply fantastic.
The performances are real, audiences can connect, less of dramatisation and more of unwrinkled portrayals back the movie. Rishi Kapoor has yet again shown, what a fine actor he is and can adapt to any skin.
'Kapoor and Sons' begins with laughter punches, beautiful locales of Coonoor, lush green backdrop and easy storyline. However, the plot grows intense with breaks and turns that keep you entertained.
Alia-Fawad chemistry overrules Alia-Sidharth's, however, the latter shines towards the end.
Another brick in the wall, that made the impact stronger is the background music which is soothing and calm, not over-powering the projection.
The movie is not heavy, talks about the average dysfunctional families where cinematography and screenplay wins the show.
Effortless performances that bring a smile to your face. Great camera work, perfect scene transitions and convincing acting is what this latest release promises you.
Natural and familiar, 'Kapoor and Sons' is grounded, there is no over-the-top stagecraft. Hence, the connect climbs levels.
Alia Bhatt looks cute and chirpy, has done great to the skin she wore on-screen, but her role could have been more with a little stronger punch.
Nonetheless, the story manages to descend bare into the psyche of audiences with debonair imagery tied with picturesque beauty, keeping you mesmerised.
After a while, if you wish to see a congenial movie with a bottom of gravitas sans the glamour and glitz, then you must not miss 'Kapoor and Sons' since 1921.



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