Laila Majnu Movie Review: Avinash Tiwary's Majnu Lingers Long In This Tale Of All-Consuming Love!

Sep 07, 2018 Anupam Gupta
Laila Majnu Movie Review: Avinash Tiwary's Majnu Lingers Long In This Tale Of All-Consuming Love!
'Tujhe kya lagta hai, yeh sab hum kar rahe hain. Humari kahaani pehle se likhi hui hain,' says Qais to his lady love Laila as well as he's absolutely right! Laila Majnu is among one of the most told folklores concerning 2 star-crossed lovers whose depth of love and also intensity of enthusiasm for each and every other understood no borders. In Sajid Ali's retelling of this infinite love saga, the characters discover themselves in modern times, yet the feelings are still the same.
To start with, Sajid Ali's performance starts with Laila (Tripti Dimri), a free-spirited girl that does not shy from teasing with guys and leading them on without a shred of regret. Until she discovers Qais (Avinash Tiwary), an abundant, spoilt brat that falls for her prima facie. Their pup love gradually finishes right into intense enthusiastic love, just for them to understand that they are not destined to be together in this globe.
Imtiaz Ali and also love stories seldom go haywire and with Laila Majnu (co-written with Sajid Ali), the male again generates his Midas touch especially in the last 20-25 mins where the emotions reach the apex. It takes a while to clear up into Sajid Ali's world of Laila Majnu. The film starts on an unstable note as you spend some time to heat up to his characters. Originally, Trupti's Laila leaves you with lot of inquiries. Her behavior comes off a bit peculiar. However as minutes go by as well as with Qais's entrance, things lastly appear to be falling in place. His wooing game captures your interest.
Yet it's post interval when Qais' makeover into Majnu starts, that you find yourself immersed deep right into this enthusiastic romance. The discomfort, the chaos, the strength ... everything instantly seems so actual! Sajid Ali's exciting execution leaves a mark!
Discussing the efficiencies, Avinash Tiwary as Qais/Majnu is an actual exploration especially in the last half of the movie. There's pain, longing, broken heart, pathos and even hallucination! Mind you, the sensations choose not to leave you even after the end credits. Keep an eye out for the scene where a dishevelled Kais worn a pheran gets on insanity as well as get into 'Hafiz Hafiz' (which suggests crazy, I have actually come to be better to God) after somebody tosses a rock at him! From a lighthearted Qais to a numbling lunatic Majnu, Avinash is a total discovery.
Tripti Dimri looks drop dead goergeous from the first framework till the last. She beams partially when it involves her untamed side, yet fails to compare to Avinash.
Sayak Bhattacharya's lens flirt with the appeal of Kashmir and also properly includes more layers when it pertains to enjoy and the wishing.
Imtiaz Ali's films always leave a long-term impression when it involves music as well as Laila Majnu is no different! My choice from the album is Hafiz that has a lingering result. Ahista and also O Meri Laila as well thrills.
'Koi fikr nahi hai, koi garaz nahi, bas ishq huaa hai, koi marz nahi', Sajid Ali's Laila Majnu is easily! Regardless of the defects, you simply can't aid yourself from falling in love with it. Avinash Tiwary's impassioned efficiency coupled with Imtiaz Ali's magic with the pen and the charming music makes revisiting the mythology of Laila Majnu worth it. To put it in Imtiaz's words, 'this movie has much less logic and more interest'.
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