Nana Patekar Bereaved – The Veteran Actor’s Mother Passes Away

Jan 30, 2019 Anupam Gupta
Nana Patekar Bereaved – The Veteran Actor’s Mother Passes Away
Nana Patekar was recently seen performing the last ceremonies of his mother that passed away a day ago. His mom Nirmala Patekar was 99 years old as well as is expected to have passed away as a result of old age.
The funeral was held at Oshiwara crematorium in suv Mumbai. Buddies and loved ones participated in the same and even satisfied the mourning family members and also expressed their condolences. Nana looked bereaved as he performed all the last rituals for his mother. A prayer meet is expected to be held quickly.
If reports are to be believed, Nana Patekar's mother Nirmala suffered from memory loss in the past. She utilized to reside with the actor at his house. Nana matured in Murud where he used to remain with his mommy whereas his daddy owned a printing machine in Mumbai.
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