No Jugalbandi Between Madhuri Dixit & Me In Kalank Says Alia Bhatt

Apr 05, 2019 Anupam Gupta
No Jugalbandi Between Madhuri Dixit & Me In Kalank Says Alia Bhatt
Over-fertile creative imagination or desperation to get hold of eyeballs? On Monday a portal howled a heading stating a 'jugalbandi' (they implied a dancing competitors) between Madhuri Dixit and Alia Bhatt in Abhishek Varman's Kalank. However talking with me Alia really plainly specifies she has no dancing thing with Madhuri. "I dance in the movie but not with Madhuri M'aam. Am I mad to dance with her?"
Alia Bhatt can not wait for Karan Johar's Sanjay Dutt-Madhuri Dixit-Varun Dhawan-Alia Bhatt-Aditya Roy Kapoor starrer Kalank to release on April 17. Enthuses Alia, "It is my very first multi-starrer. It was one of the majority of tough movies I've done so far ... There is enough to do for every actor.
Alia had to learn classic dancing from scratch for Kalank. I spent a couple of days with the fabulous Pandit Birju Maharaj learning Kathak. It provided me a chance to sharpen my abilities as a professional dancer."
Do we get to see Alia dance with the famous Madhuri Dixit in Kalank?
To my great fortune I don't have to share the dancing floor with Madhuri M'aam. For me that was a reason to be nervous enough ... that she was viewing me dancing. Think of, I had to dance in front of one of our finest dancers of all times."
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