Not 'Kaabil' Clash, But 'Raees' Director Rahul Dholakia Is Worried About This

Jan 21, 2017 MoviesNow4U Team
Not 'Kaabil' Clash, But 'Raees' Director Rahul Dholakia Is Worried About This
National Honor winning filmmaker Rahul Dholakia, whose forthcoming Shah Rukh Khan starrer "Raees" is launching on the same day as Hrithik Roshan's "Kaabil" says he is not stressed over the day clash of both films as regarding the high assumptions that audiences have of his movie.
"As a director, the release day is not in my hand. So, I am not bothered with 'Raees' as well as 'Kaabil' day clash, however people's assumption," Dholakia stated below.
"From the day we released the trailer, people began anticipating something additional special from the film, as well as rightfully so. It is a larger than life movie starring stars like Shah Rukh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Atul Kulkarni as well as other fine actors of our time. I simply wish we match that (expectation) and people enjoy the movie," he added.
After 150 drafts, five years of effort and also on place capturing in Gujarat and also Dubai, "Raees" is ready to be out on January 25. The film additionally showcases Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. The film is about a bootlegger as well as his altercations with the authorities and also political powers.
Dholakia stated Shah Rukh's inputs assisted exceptionally.
Sharing one memorable case, he stated: "There is a wonderful charming scene where Raees holds Aasiya (Mahira) up and also turns her around. So, Shah Rukh recommended taking it in a quick frame and also I accepted that. After taking the shot, I inspected the screen as well as claimed, 'Right as well filmy?'
"I listened to a voice from behind, and Shah Rukh said, "We're making a film just'. We really kept that on last edit and it's a gorgeous scene."
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