Pataakha Movie Review: Sunil Grover Adds Spark To Sanya Malhotra-Radhika Madan's Dynamite Act!

Sep 28, 2018 Anupam Gupta
Pataakha Movie Review: Sunil Grover Adds Spark To Sanya Malhotra-Radhika Madan's Dynamite Act!
Just like its name, Pataakha is eruptive right from the very first scene itself. A limited close-up shot of 2 girls bathing each other with vouch words is shown. Years pass by, however these two sis and also their curses for each other choose not to take a rear seat.
While they are called after blossoms, Champa also known as 'Badki' (Radhika Madan) and Genda also known as 'Chutki' (Sanya Malhotra), they are anything but pretty and accommodating. With their haystack hair, rough and also rugged, not-so pearly whites tarnished with smoking beedis and filthy language, the ladies are combustible as well as unbashed and also could grab a fight at the decline of a hat. Their razor sharp tongue spew acidic words at each various other at supersonic speed as well as 'gobar-fights' are no big-deal. At the same time, there's their intrusive neighbour named Dipper (Sunil Grover) that never misses a chance to stimulate off a battle between the two siblings.
Chutki imagine mosting likely to school to ensure that she could open up one of her own. Badki on the other hand, wants to stay out of college as well as start her own dairy products business. Among their warring ambitions, the two sisters really feel the very first rush of young romance when they encounter their suitors. One is an engineer while the various other works in the army as well as has a penchant for talking in English.
Points take a much more remarkable turn when their dad (Vijay Raaz) who requires cash to settle an allurement in order to save his mining organisation, is entrusted to no other choice yet to obtain among the little girls married to a rich widower Patel (Saanand Verma). In a twist, both the women runaway with their particular partners just to end up in the very same house as sister-in-laws. Like it's said in the movie, 'Hum Apni Dushman To Chunn Saktay Hai The Same Level Padosi Nahin, Rishtay To Chunn Saktay Hai The Same Level Rishtay Daar Nahin.'
Vishal Bharwaj's Pataakha is weaved right into a 140 minute narrative from Charan Singh Pathik's 6 web page tale entitled Do Behenein. The director adds different layers to the movie by transforming both warring sisters right into an allegory for India-Pakistan competition. He blends the social discourse in a subtle means with his characters and rural setup. Vishal Bhardwaj lits up Pataakha with his 2 fiesty female leads to provide you a trail of great performances.
On the other side, the plot obtains a little repetitive in the second half as well as appears dragging. Fortunately, Sunil Grover concerns the rescue and also brings up the strings.
Radhika Madan shines brilliant as Badki. From swiping her little sibling's western-wear to scoping out guys with a pair of binoculars at the town, she is perfect in her controlling function. She aces it also when she attacks her dupatta in mock-shyness or supplies strikes to her sis throughout trips.
Sanya Malhotra is brave as Chutkki and also sinks her teeth deep right into her earthy personality. Her vast smile when she creates a nuclear misuse is enough to fracture you up. One more excellent act from her after Dangal.
Sunil Grover as Dipper is a total laughter-riot. Among my much-loved scenes in the movie is where he asks the wedding band to proceed playing the songs and afterwards he burglarizes a low-cost pelvic drive dancing move. That expression on his face is just valuable!
Vijay Raaz nails it as the defenseless Bapu. Abishek Duhan and Namit Das also offer a stong assistance.
Instead of mounting Rajasthan right into an attractive postcard, Ranjan Palit's lens give us a closer view of the rustic landscape maintaining in the credibility of the location backdrop. A Sreekar Prasad's modifying scissors might have clipped off some 15-20 mins on the second fifty percent. Vishal Bhardwaj's writing is rib-ticklingly amusing.
Discussing the songs, 'Balma' stands out for its eccentric lyrics and Rekha Bhardwaj as well as Sunidhi Chauhan's powerful vocals. Arijit Singh's Naina Banjare is soothing to the ears. The title track, 'Pataakha' includes fun.
Vishal Bhardwaj's imaginative touch includes colors to Pataakha as well as makes it a satisfying fare with the dynamite performances. Minus the gloss, this sectarian tale makes its method into your hearts with his blobs of desiness. I am choosing 3.5 celebrities.
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