Post Zero Debacle Shah Rukh Khan – Aanand L Rai Have A Fall-out?

May 14, 2019 MoviesNow4U Team
Post Zero Debacle Shah Rukh Khan – Aanand L Rai Have A Fall-out?
The great creative partnership in between Shah Rukh Khan and director Aanand L Rai has actually gone kaput, after the thundering failure of Zero. Evidently the duo which couldn't stop singing each various other's appreciation and had sworn to collaborate on numerous tasks (consisting of, apparently, believe it or not, a sequel to Zero) have actually aborted their future partnership strategies. All of it.
Sources state Shah Rukh has stopped taking Rai's phone calls. According to a source, "Shah Rukh blames Rai entirely for the fiasco that was Zero. What was Aanand Rai believing? This is what Shah Rukh currently wonders, like everyone else." So shocked is Shah Rukh by the nefariousness of the failing, both imaginative and financial, that he has actually placed all his future tasks on hold including the hit franchise Don.
As for Aanand Rai you won't see him at Shah Rukh Khan's events anymore. Both were continuously with each other at social dos. Rai called SRK, "Khan Sahib", Dabbas of food from Rai's home were taken specially for "Khan Sahib" on the sets while in exchange, the Khan kept track of the overweight Rai Saab's diet. Most notably, they appeared to share a fabulous working relationship.
“They had mutually agreed to share an imaginative partnership. Yet after the release of Zero I do not assume Shah Rukh even wishes to see Aanand Rai's face," states a buddy of King Khan.
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