Sonu Nigam SLAMS Media For Misconstruing His 'It Would Be Better If I Was From Pakistan' Comment!

Dec 19, 2018 Anupam Gupta
Sonu Nigam SLAMS Media For Misconstruing His 'It Would Be Better If I Was From Pakistan' Comment!
Just Recently, Sonu Nigam obtained severe backlash on social media sites for his statement at Aaj Tak Top where he supposedly stated he wanted to be a Pakistani singer instead of an Indian one.
It was reported that taking a jibe at Pakistani singers, Sonu had actually stated, "In some cases, I really feel as if it would have been far better if I were from Pakistan. A minimum of I would obtain deals from India."
He had actually likewise pointed out at just how Indian vocalists are being victimized. "Nowadays, singers have to pay songs business for shows. If we do not fork over the cash, they will play tunes sung by various other singers and also highlight them. After that, they will take money from them," he had claimed.
Saying that things were various for Pakistani vocalists, he had even more included, "Why single out Indian vocalists? They do not do the same with Pakistani vocalists. Atif Aslam is a really friend of mine. He is never asked to pay to sing at shows, neither is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan."
Now, Sonu has taken to his Facebook page to provide a clarification over the row on this statement. The singer cleared up that fundamental point was something else, which was decreased to a questionable declaration by few media houses.
In his Facebook message, Sonu criticized media for misinterpreting his statement as well as created, "Occasionally in an effort to make headings memorable as well as spectacular, some journalists miss the actual material.
The other day's Aaj Tak Top took place so impressive, and also look what have they lowered it to. My factor regarding being much better off being born in Pakistan had to do with the songs firms in India asking Indian vocalists to pay 40-50% of their concerts remunerations to them, and only then they'll deal with those artistes however they do not ask the very same from the singers from abroad, specifically Pakistan!
This was the crucial factor I made and also these men! Changed it to 'I would have been better off birthed in Pakistan I 'd have job come my means' What do I say. USELESS."
What do you folks assume about the debate? Allow us recognize your thoughts in the remark section below.
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