Super 30: While Anand Kumar Cheers Vikas Bahl’s Exoneration, Tanushree Dutta Asks Hrithik Roshan To Take A Stand

Jun 03, 2019 Anupam Gupta
Super 30: While Anand Kumar Cheers Vikas Bahl’s Exoneration, Tanushree Dutta Asks Hrithik Roshan To Take A Stand
An 'internal committee' at Reliance Entertainment has actually cleared rape-accused Vikas Bahl of all charges thereby leading the way for Bahl's name to be restored as director in mathematician Anand Kumar's bio-pic Super 30. It might be recalled that Vikas Bahl was relieved of his duties as director of Super 30 after the allegations.
Now rising to Bahl's support Anand Kumar on whose excellent job the film is based, states, "It is only appropriate that Vikas Bahl be offered his due credit rating for his work in Super 30. Every single frame of the movie is directed Vikas. He is the entire and also sole architect of the work. Regarding the fees goes, the interior committee has removed him. I understand him to be very talented director and a complete gentleman."
But a livid Tanushree Dutta from the US would have none of this Bahl's exoneration. Demands Tanushree, "This is Ghor kalyug! What is this Reliance committee? Who are the participants of this committee? So Reliance committees are providing clean chits while law and also order and police investigation is still pending??? Of course all these committee will provide clean chits. They are made up of such people. Clean chit is valid only when police or judiciary of India provides it. Rest is corruption."
Tanushree, like many of us, wonders how a clean chit is connected to the victim’s silence. “So if the victim didn’t press charges only how a clean chit is possible? It’s an internal complaints committee…such committees have been operating for ages clearing rapists, molesters and harassers. This is just a PR stunt to get image control, so these weirdos (MeToo accused) can get back to business. And the victim not pressing charges is not surprising given the shame, stigma and hassle of a court case.”
Tanushree urges Hrithik Roshan to take a stand. “India needs to buckle up and our Bollywood stars more much more responsible as millions look up to them as their idol. Reinstating someone accused of such heinous acts is not acceptable. Come on. Hrithik. I thought you were different!! Take a stand.”
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