The Legend Of Michael Mishra Review: What Were They Thinking?

Aug 06, 2016 MoviesNow4U Team
The Legend Of Michael Mishra Review: What Were They Thinking?
The Legend Of Michael Mishra cast: Arshad Warsi, Aditi Rao Hydari, Boman Irani, Kayoze Irani 
The Legend Of Michael Mishra director: Manish Jha
Some films are so painfully awful that they can safely be categorised under: what were they thinking?
Clearly, the people responsible for this enterprise must have thought they were making a comedy. But it made me cry: for the terribly wasted talent of the terribly talented Arshad Warsi, as well as his cohorts who’ve done so much better in earlier outings.
Michael Mishra (pronounced as Misra) is a small-time hood who falls in love with pretty Patna lass Varsha Shukla (pronounced Barsa Sukla). They take so many pains in losing the ‘h’ that you want to tell them that it’s all right, you know it is ‘sor’, not ‘shor’: remember that ‘pawan’ song?
Misraji decides to go straight and narrow because that’s Barsaji wants, and the film goes all over the place, thinking it’s all very quirky and phunny, but it’s as bereft of any humour as water in a desert. Yeah, I know, such a horribly clichéd analogy, but it is a perfect fit for the antics of Misraji, Barsaji. He is banished to a ‘kala-pani’ like prison where he pines away ; she takes off to Mumbai to try her luck in Bollywood.
The film is infested by two other characters who call themselves Full Pant and Half Pant ( who should rightfully have been labelled `Phull’ and `Haaph’ played respectively by the Irani pere and fils, Boman and Kayoze).
Difficult to believe that this the same Manish Jha who gave us the throught-provoking Matrubhoomi, and Anwar.
The Legend Of Michael Mishra review, The Legend Of Michael Mishra, Arshad Warsi, Aditi Rao Hydari, B

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