The Story Behind Mysterious Connection Between Sridevi And Divya Bharti

Feb 26, 2018 MoviesNow4U Team
The Story Behind Mysterious Connection Between Sridevi And Divya Bharti
All of us have been shocked by Sridevi death, the Indian film industry. The sudden death of a severe heart attack participated in a family celebration in Dubai. She grabbed all the fans in the groove, drowning in the grief.
Her death is reminiscent of the legendary actress Divya Bharti. Divya Bharti, a close associate of Sridevi, has passed away in suspicious circumstances at the age of 19. Her death has become a mystery. In fact, during the 90s, Sridevi made his debut in the film when he was shining on silver screen. Everyone then called Divya Bharathi as Sridevi's sister.
At one stage, Sridevi felt that Divya Bharti would be replaced by his acting and beauty. But her untimely death made the film industry smash. Shocking is the fact that Sridevi is nearing the birthday date of the divorce. Divya Bharti was born on February 25, 1974. One day before the birth anniversary of the divorce, Sridevi lost his life in Dubai.
In the 90s, Divya Bharti made a break in Bollywood with a series of films. Within a few months, her upcoming films hit Bollywood. In time she became the star heroine. Divya Bharti made 13 movies in just three years of Bollywood career. All the big budget movies are all. However, on April 5, 1993, the divorced woman was suddenly dropped from her balcony (?) And left her alive. The condition of many of her films that she signed and signed with Mysteryy's death has been ambiguous. Prior to that, Divya Bharti had acted in 'Ladla'. However, as she died, Sridevi took her to the lady. Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and Raveena Tandon became the 'Ladla' blockbuster hit in the lead roles. Bollywood director producers thought that Sridevi and Divya Bharti were the alternative to each other at that time.
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