Twinkle Khanna Clarifies Reaction To PM Modi’s Joke, Says Only Party She Endorses Involves Vodka, Hangover

Apr 26, 2019 Anupam Gupta
Twinkle Khanna Clarifies Reaction To PM Modi’s Joke, Says Only Party She Endorses Involves Vodka, Hangover
Author Twinkle Khanna has tweeted a clarification to her reaction to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's comments in an interview with her spouse, star Akshay Kumar. Her tweet, she urged, did not total up to a recommendation.
" Nothing much more - Absolutely nothing much less - A reaction does not equate right into an endorsement," the writer recognized for her sharp feeling of humour stated. "The only celebration I am likely to be a component of at this moment would entail liberal quantities of vodka shots and also a hangover the next day:-RRB-" she claimed, reacting to the string of responses that her initial remark had produced.
On Wednesday, the author as well as columnist had responded to her partner's 'non-political' meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
PM Modi in the interview had told Akshay that he is a keen follower of his and Twinkle’s Twitter accounts, and a frequent social media user. “Main aapka bhi Twitter dekhta hoon aur Twinkle Khanna ji ka Twitter dekhta hoon. Kabhi Kabhi toh mujhe lagta hai ki vo mere upar gussa nikaalti hai Twitter pe, toh uske kaaran aapke parivaarik jeevan mein badi shaanti rehti hogi. Unka pura gussa mujpe nikal jaata hoga isliye aapko araam rehta hoga. Toh is prakaar se main aapke kaam aaya hoon,” PM Modi joked in the interview.
To this Twinkle had written on Twitter, "I have a rather positive means of taking a look at this - Not only is the Head of state mindful that I exist however he actually reads my work :).”
Akshay as well as Twinkle's opposing political ideological backgrounds have actually commonly been the source of debate. Akshay informed Bombay Times, "Both Twinkle and also I are not against anyone. That's the means points should be between a husband and wife.
Twinkle, meanwhile, had actually firmly insisted in a tweet that a pair need not share the exact same political ideas for a marital relationship to work.
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