Vivek Oberoi Slams Congress, Says Party Afraid Of Watchman's Stick

Apr 03, 2019 Anupam Gupta
Vivek Oberoi Slams Congress, Says Party Afraid Of Watchman's Stick
Actor Vivek Oberoi, who is all set to play the lead role in the upcoming biopic 'PM Narendra Modi', on Wednesday banged the Congress declaring that they are afraid of 'chowkidar ka danda' (the stick of the security guard).
Talking to press reporters the actor examined the overreaction of the event. Calling the film a moderate one, he asked why elderly attorneys like Abhishek Singhvi as well as Kapil Sibal are losing time on submitting a PIL on the movie.
He claimed that the flick doesn't job PM Modi as larger than life as he is currently one and also asserted that it is an independent as well as motivational film. Oberoi likewise added that PM Modi is currently a hero not only for him however, for crores of Indians staying within the country and abroad.
Why are such senior and well-known lawyers like Abhishek Singhvi ji and Kapil Sibal ji squandering time on filing a PIL on such a small film? Do not know if they are frightened of the movie or of Chowkidar's 'danda'. We are not projecting Modi ji as bigger than life, he currently is larger than life.
The actor claimed that the movie has absolutely nothing to do with national politics or election. He added that the story is that of a 'desh-bhakt' (patriot). He accused the Congress of being afraid the movie.
" Film has got absolutely nothing to do with political elections or politics. The tale is that of a Desh-bhakt. It is a sad to see that famous legal representatives like Singhvi as well as Sibal are wasting their time behind a film. Why should they fear a tiny little film? Due to the fact that they are worried regarding political squabble and battle, simply. Where is the evidence? Just how can they mud sling on 18 years of my career? You are free to doubt. Yet the truth is it is an independent film. It is an inspiring story of a chai wala (tea supplier) in Vadnagar increasing to such level without having the backing of a large family, English education and also sources. This movie reveals what he experienced. This biopic reveals that anyone can become Prime Minister," added Vivek. 
Since BJP kick-started its 'main bhi chowkidar' project ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha political election, 'chowkidar' has actually ended up being a component of political conversations.
The movie follows PM Modi from his humble starts to his years as the Chief Minister of Gujarat as well as finally his success making him the prime minister. The motion picture recently came under the EC scanner after Congress as well as Left celebrations complained to the poll body stating that it breaches the Design Standard procedure. In a major alleviation to the makers of the biopic, the Bombay High Court on Monday disposed-off the PIL.
" We are filmmakers, we are not used to these courts and also like you have Freedom of speech, we as filmmakers have the liberty to make films on any subject as well as release anytime," stated Vivek.
The actor likewise insisted that the film is not funded by any political party and also is not part of any type of propaganda
The movie is set up to release on April 5.
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