I Definitely Will Not Be Playing James Bond

Nov 18, 2016 MoviesNow4U Team
I Definitely Will Not Be Playing James Bond
Actor Eddie Redmayne says he will not like to see himself playing James Bond.
The 34-year-old star said he loves to see other people playing the character but will not say no if the role is ever offered to him, reported Variety.
"I definitely will not be playing James Bond. I would hate to see myself play James Bond. I love going to see 'James Bond' and seeing really freaking cool actors that I admire doing great things. Never say never, but...No. Who would I like to see as James Bond? That's a different question," Redmayne said.
The Oscar-winner finds Tom Hardy best suited for the role.
"Tom Hardy. Seeing him in 'Inception,' I thought he was so debonair. But are they even looking? See, you don't know.
Nobody knows. I love Daniel Craig.
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