See 'How To Get Away With Murder' Star Matt McGorry Rap 'Bye Felicia'

Aug 09, 2015 MoviesNow4U Team
See 'How To Get Away With Murder' Star Matt McGorry Rap 'Bye Felicia'
The actor plays entitled law student Asher Millstone on the ABC drama, and takes the character's know-it-all attitude to new levels in the throwback clip.
"I know how to work, I don’t need a teacher. You come on all tough, we be like, 'Bye Felicia,'" Matt raps, showing off what appears to be Asher's undergrad days in a rowdy frat house.
The full video is only available on the show's Season 1 DVD box set, but ABC released a teaser on Friday to give Matt's fans a taste of his street side.

The "Orange Is the New Black" co-star stopped by Access Hollywood recently to preview the video, and talked about Asher's fascination with the hip-hop community.
"I feel like he sort of identifies with black culture, which is weird because he's not at all a part of it," Matt said of his character, who grew up in a privileged Ivy League environment.
"That would be called appropriation," he added.
The actor went on to reveal how the inspiration for the video came from the show's shooting location near USC.
"There's a lot of fraternities there," Matt said. "So sometimes when we're going to set or just driving around, we'll see there's parties starting to happen. I was like, 'Oh, it'd be so funny if I just like went to a party one day.'"
Matt got that chance when he was sitting idle between scenes on a long production day and decided to go exploring. Wearing a t-shirt from the show's fictional university, he stopped by what he called a "co-ed cinema frat" and ended up using the same house for the video.
The project may have been intended as a trip through Asher's past, but Matt told Access that he appreciated the chance to briefly live his character's college years.
"It was so funny to have that experience, because I'm old now," the actor joked. "I'm 29."
Season 2 of "How to Get Away with Murder" premieres on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 10 PM ET/PT on ABC. 
-- Erin Biglow
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